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Partnership Firm Registration in Pune

Partnership Refer to the business where in few like-minded people have come together with a similar object and have agreed mutually on every terms and conditions to start a business. Partnership firm is a local registration where in minimum two partners are required to start a business, adding and resignation of any partner or changes in the terms and policy of the partnership firm can be done easily and at any time as per the needs of the partnership firm. Get your Partnership Firm Registration in Pune through Legacabin.

In a Partnership Firm Two to Twenty associates can be taken and again it is not a separate entity so partners are responsible for everything happened to a Partnership Firm. In a Partnership Firm if a partner dies then it automatically dissolves, there is no transfer of liabilities or assets as there are no Nominees.
In a partnership firm there are not any guidelines on capital investment partners can start a firm at any capital also. There are no government compliance’s to be done, so it becomes easy to manage your business and cost effective. There is no annual audit required of a company but if the company have GSTIN number then GST filing an income tax filing is required. We Are The Registration Experts Providing Partnership Firm Registration In Pune, Hassle-Free Process, Satisfied Services, Transparent Pricing, Skilled Specialist.

Partnership firm Partnership is the relation between persons who have agreed to share the profits of a business carried on by all or any of them acting for all.

Note: – A single person is called as a partner while two or more persons or partners are collectively known as the Partnership Firm. A partnership is an unincorporated association of two or more individuals to carry on a business for profit. These firms are governed by the partnership act, 1932.

Documents we need

  • Name of the Partnership Firm
  • PAN and Aadhaar card of Partners
  • Mobile Number and email id of Partners
  • Object of Partnership
  • Light Bill for the Registered office (Rent Agreement if rented)

Advantages of Partnership

  • Better than sole pro peritorship
  • Easy registration

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