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OPC Registration in Pune

One person company as the name suggest is the company incorporated with only a single person being the director of the company. This concept is specially designed by the government who want the branding and standing and goodwill as that of a private limited company but does not want to work with any one or share profits and losses with any one. Get your OPC Registration in Pune through Legalcabin.

This is good for the people who have bad experience in future related to dispute in partnership and so on. Compliance applicable on a one person company is same at that of a private limited company. The only difference here is that we need a nominee instead of a second director. The paid up capital for one person company can be as low as Rs. 2 but the authorize capital here again has to be Minimum 1 lakh similar to the other private limited companies. Legalcabin is one essay platform for online One Person Company Registration in Pune help you to register your OPC more efficiently.

Advantages of OPC

  • No profit sharing
  • No disputes
  • Whole ownership in single hands

Disadvantages of OPC

  • Limited Funds
  • Limited Capabilty
  • Low rate of Company Expansion

What we give?

  • Digital signatures for one director with a validity of two years
  • DIN for one director
  • Name approval letter
  • Companies moa and aoa
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • PAN Number
  • TAN Number
  • Rubber stamp

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