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ISO Certification in Pune

ISO certification means that the organization has met the quality standards laid down by the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. This Certifications aims at meeting customers’ expectations and delivering quality products to the end users.  ISO Certificate can be applied by any one irrespective it is and Proprietorship or a body Corporate. A Service provider or a manufacturer. An ISO Certificate will be provided in 7-9 Days at Legal Cabin with the minimum cost and hassle free process. To know more contact Legal Cabin. Legalcabin is a professional ISO Certification Consultants in Pune, offering ISO 9001 Certification services in Pune.


Why ISO certification needed?


In today’s varying world the whole thing is changing fast and we need to ensure the quality of product we are buying or we are selling and ISO stands for that receiving ISO certificate means it shows the quality of product we purchase or sell and if we make the product with ISO standards we can meet the international quality standards and we can simply sell our product in international marketplace as people do not trust you blindly.


Types of ISO Certification Standards


ISO 9001 – When the products and services of a company meet the prospects of the customers, this certification is specified.
ISO 14001 – When a company follows operative environmental management system, this certification is specified.
OHSAS 18001 – When a company follows operative health and safety management system, this certification is specified.
ISO 20000 – When a company follows effective food security management system, this certification is specified.
ISO 22000 – When a company follows the best preparation in IT services release, this certification is specified.
ISO 27001 – When a company follows actual information security management system (ISMS), this certification is specified.
ISO 50001 – When a company follows operative energy management system serving in the preservation of normal resources this certification is specified.


Our ISO certification services in Pune are top-notch and timely that they will ensure that you get the certification in quickest probable time.


Required Documents for ISO Certification in Pune

  • A PAN card of Director
  • An Identity proof of Director
  • An Address proof of Director
  • A Passport size photo of Director
  • The Office Address Proof
  • A Copy of Balance Sheet
  • A Certificate of Incorporation
  • MOA
  • Any Government Certification/Registration
  • Number of employees
  • Third party associates
  • A Copy of ROC
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