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Closure of Companies

Closing a company LLP or a One person company is tedious process but with Experts at Legal Cabin a company can be closed with no much hassle. Before closing a company directors must make sure that the company has Nil assets and Liabilities and the company has not been carrying on any work for the last one Year Minimum. Company should have completed all the compliances till the date of making an application for closer. The Directors of the company has to take the Oath that the company has not taken any money from the third party nor the company has deposits or dues of any third party or anyone cannot claim to not been paid of the dues by the company. Application for closure of Company has to be made in form STK-2.  Company can be closed Voluntarily with Mutual Consent of all the Directors and Shareholders of the Company.

Documents required for Company Closure are

  • Indemnity Bond (Will be provided by us)
  • Affidavit for each Director (will be provided by us)
  • Special Resolution
  • Board Resolution
  • Statement of Account by CA
  • Last Filled IT Return Copy
  • Bank Account Closure Certificate

It takes approx 7 Months for the company to get closed fully but before that the status changes to process initiated for Strike off. Total Government fees for Company closure is 10.000/- where for llp it is 500/-.

Advantages of Company Closure:-

  • Saves you from Further compliances
  • No compliances no penalties
  • No more defaulting Director
  • No more Government notices on the company.

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